Captain Midnight "Magni-Magic Code-O-Graph"
(Ovaltine, 1945)

"So called because the center of the rotor was a magnifying glass. This was the first of the dated Code-O-Graphs. The manual had "key messages" scattered throughout that were printed in a typeface so small that the owner needed to use the lens to read them. Brass was still a critical material, and the badge was actually stamped sheet steel, with a "gold" paint atop it.
The lens in the rotor was plastic, of course (indeed, all postwar Code-O-Graphs were at least partially plastic; one was completely plastic), and scratched easily. The manual had short messages printed in very tiny type that required the Code-O-Graph's magnifier to read. These were called "Key Messages," and were numbered. The Squadron member might pass a note to a friend who was also a Squadron member. The note might say, "KM-3," meaning "Expect important news soon."
-- From Radio Days website.


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