Captain Midnight "Photomatic Code-o-Graph"
(Ovaltine, 1942)

"So called because the owner was to insert a photo of him- or herself into a small square area at the top of the badge, replacing the (supplied) photo of a pilot's face. The manual touted it as a personalized identification, like those used in defense plants. Actually, once the user removed the pilot's picture and substituted one of his or her own for it, the user was supposed to use a hammer and nail to fix the picture in permanently. This was shown pictorially, and consisted of pushing down the four metal tabs at the picture corners so that the picture couldn't be removed. There was enough of an overproduction of these so that they were issued throughout the war to new listeners."
 -- From Radio Days website.
Instructions from the "1942 Book of Official Charts, Codes and Secrets".


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