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Rather than list every book individually, as there are rather a lot I chose to list them all under the same heading. This is where all the Shadow reprints will go, plus some assorted books. For further information on the paperbacks (and everything else Shadow-related) I recommend "The Shadow - Master of Darkness" website. You can find the original pulps listed elsewhere on the Secret Squadron.

Belmont (1963-1967)

Agência Portuguesa de Revistas

Portugal, circa 1965. This reprints the Belmont #6, "Cry Shadow!"

Gosset and Dunlap (1966)


   Bantam (1969-1970)


  Pyramid/Jove (1974-1978)

Covers by Jim Steranko, except number 13 of the Jove edition.
I'm missing Jove's #1, #11 and #12.
(My thanks to Tony Robertson who pointed out that Jove's #3 was not by Steranko and that he repainted the cover for Jove's #13, but it was never published.
You can find all the Steranko covers here.)




 The cover on the right for #4, "Hands in the Dark", was misprinted for the 2nd printing of the paperback. It was actually the cover for #6. I have two copies of the original and correct #4, one of which is signed by Steranko, so the other is available for trade.


Dover Facsimile (1975)


 Doubleday Crime Club (1975-1981)

(Hardcover, with dust jacket)

  Mysterious Press (1984)

(Hardcover with dust jacket)


Random House (1994)

(Tie-in with the 1994 movie, adult edition (left) written by James Luceno and published by Ivy Books, and junior edition (right) written by Les Martin and published by Bullseye Books)


  Harcourt/HBJ (1979)

The Shadow Scrapbook, by Walter B. Gibson




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