Atomic Disintegrator (Hubley, USA, 1954)

It was love at first sight.

The moment I first saw the Hubley in the wonderful book "Blast Off!", I knew I had to have one. For me, this raygun epitomises the dream of the disintegrator-ray-shooting weapon. This is what I would like to carry with me, should I need to go on a space adventure. Made of heavy metal with plastic grips, you can feel the weight and the raw power.

The "Atomic Disintegrator" was created in 1954 by Hubley, manufacturer of cap guns since 1894, and is considered one of the most desirable ray guns for collectors. Also includes the original box. Relatively common in poor to fair condition, the box is extremely rare. When Hake's offered this example in 2012 with an almost intact box, the raygun metal still shiny (also rare), the mechanism in perfect working condition and no warping on the handles, I knew this one would find its way to me.

Now I feel I can take on any misguided space monster that dares threaten Earth. It hasn't got a chance.

"c. 1950s. Original box has moderate wear to one end flap having 2" tear but complete w/exception of one inside flap. Despite obvious defect on one side, box still displays VF. Box contains 7.25" long well-made gun w/heavy cast metal body and plastic grips. Gun is designed w/raised name "Atomic Disintegrator" on each side along w/nice futuristic design including simulated power setting knob on right side. Uses roll caps. Grips have nearly none of the typical warping and gun itself is unused. NM example of this classic space gun. Nicest condition example of this gun we have ever offered."
-- from Hake's auction description of this gun, in 2012.


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  2. Very cool info. I'm a collector and finally bought one. not all that great condition, but still a biggie in my collection. trying to find one as nice as yours. thanks for your post. Brendan

    1. Thanks for writing and congrats on your purchase! For me, it was always the Holy Grail of rayguns. :)



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