"O Jornal d'Aventuras - Texas Jack" (Portugal, 1910-1920's)

The 1906 German edition
(not in the collection)
This Portuguese pulp (more of a 12-page pamphlet, really) seems to be a reprint of a German series titled Texas Jack which started in 1906 and was published by Verlagshaus für Volkslitteratur und Kunst in Berlin. This series published 215 issues and it ended in 1911. It was reprinted later as Die Grosse Kundschafter (The Great Scout) in 1911 by Gustaf Müller under license from original publisher, publishing 100 issues. The series was later published as Texas Jack. Der Grosse Kundscahfter (Texas Jack, the Great Scout) in a total of 120 issues in 1930-1932, and finally as Texas Jack. Der Grosse Kundscahfter. Neue Folge (Texas Jack, the Great Scout, New Series) in 1932-1934 for 75 issues. The series was also published in France and Sweden, although with different covers.

Only the logo and cover layout indicate that this is a reprint of the first German series, probably in the 1910's or 1920's. Although I have very few issues and only until #20, I found a #90 for sale on the web, so there may have been many more.


Here is a translation of the titles:

#8 - The Mysterious Castle
#9 - The Hunters' Secret
#10 - Bloody Revenge
#11 - Martyrdom of the Blonde Virgin
#12 - The Mormon's Revenge
#17 - The Thief of Millions
#18 - The Wedding Night of Buena-Vista
#19 - The Destruction of Troya
#20 - Barnum & Texas

As a side-note, Bruce Sterling, one of my favourite authors, visited "The Pulp Zone", my old website about pulp magazines (now offline) in 2002 and had this to say about the site and Texas Jack in his column in "Bruce Sterling's Schism Matrix in The Infinite Matrix":
"Whoa. This Portuguese guy named Nuno Miranda is a loving devotee of American and British pulp magazines. And his webpages look like yellowing pulp. Nice design move!
This is the best part: I'm in Texas, blogging a Portuguese pulp adventure magazine about the fantastic life in Texas. I love that kind of global blowback. Check out that cool mag called "Martyrdom of the Blonde Virgin." Stuff like that happens in Texas all the time. Like, when you're commuting to your dayjob at Dell." -- August 30, 2002
 So there. An honour! If you read this, Bruce, thank you and please write new stories! :)

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  1. These are pretty amazing. I'm writing a biography of John "Texas Jack" Omohundro, who is not nearly as well remembered in America as his stage and trail partner Buffalo Bill Cody. It is interesting how widely spread the dime novels and pulps about Mr. Omohundro were. Keep up the excellent work!



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