Tom Corbett's Wonder Book of Space (Wonder Books, NY, 1953)

Written by Marcia Martin and illustrated by Frank Vaughn, this is one of those amazing pearls that could have only been created in the early 1950's, when we hadn't yet actually gone, you know, up there.

So here's what I propose: close your eyes, breathe deep, let go of your worries. You just came from school and the cereals were waiting for you. Kellogg's of course. You wouldn't have any other, because these were the ones with Tom Corbett, your hero! You put on your Space Cadet cap, you wear your Space Cadet belt (you never take off your Tom Corbett ring, of course) and go sit on the couch to read your new book.

So relax... you're going on an adventure with Tom Corbett himself!


[Hoping I'm not infringing on someone's copyright, should there be an issue with this please send an email and the pages will be removed. I just hope not -- this is too good not to be shared... ]


  1. Lovely! I've got a copy, but it's (I think) the later edition. It's the kind of material which made a lifelong space cadet out of me!

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed! At heart, I'm still a space cadet, too :)

  2. I'm pretty sure this is the FIRST book about space I ever had, back in about 1964 or '65!

  3. I feel old memories stirring. I'm fairly certain I had this book back in the '50s, as well. So much of it looks familiar. Enjoyed the trip back!



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