Dr. Grordbort's "Victorious Mongoose 1902a Concealable Ray Pistol"

"Augmenting security with discretion, the Victorious Mongoose has been purposely produced at just over half the size of the earlier wave weapons, while still packing the punch of its big-boned counterparts. Snugly nestled in an unbearably dashing leather-embossed and satin-lined case, the world's first concealable ray pistol is at last upon us in complete and flawless glory.
Our much cherished pocket-size atomiser - the world's first concealable ray pistol and the fourth in Doctor Grordbrort's line of infallible aether oscillators - is now available for your fine and capable hands to clasp and fondle. With an edition size of a mere 400, this punchy little nipper is flying off the shelves like a cash-eating flying fish attacking your wallet - and those of you who have had the privilege of such a rare encounter will know what curious jollies are to be had there. You know who you are."

Creted by Greg Broadmore for Weta.

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