"Colecção Robot" by Alan Comet

Enrique Sánchez Pascual
"The "Colección Robot", published [originally] in Madrid by Editorial Mando in fifteen issues, was written by Enrique Sánchez Pascual (1918-1996) under the pseudonym of "Alan Comet". It dates from 1955. They may be the most bizarre paperbacks in Spanish literature, which is saying quite a lot. Amongst its many wonders, there is an army of giant ants from Mars trying to invade Earth (Mars Attacks!), a race of flying beings that feed only on electricity (Invasion of the Electricity-Eaters), a fight against underground blind men who perceive the world through antennas (Revolt of the Hipogeos), a fleet of fifteen thousand men and women from Saturn, reduzed in size and piloting small robots to invade the Earth (The Micro-Robots of Saturn), invisible octopi that feed on human brains (The Sucking Cups of Dementia), etc. In the end, the sensation given by these books, through the twists and turns of the stories, is the conscience of the infinity of the cosmos and the vast strangeness that biology can offer us. An odissey of the weird, but a weirdness that is also conceivable."
(translated from the Spanish)

These are the Portuguese editions, published as complete small-size books. I could only ever find 6 issues/books, published by Roussado Pinto's "Editorial Organizações", with no date listed. The text is... well... outlandish. For many years it has been a source of fun amongst my friends to open up one of the books and read a bit at random and it never fails to be hilarious, baffling or preposterous!

#1 "The Micro-Robots of Saturn"

#2 "The Sucking Cups of Dementia"

#3 "Revolt of the Hipogeos"

#4 "Invasion of the Electricity-Eaters"

#5 "The Flesh Disintegrators"

#6 "Dr. Freuding's Robot"

I have a duplicate of #1 for trade...

Further reading: A biography of Enrique Sánchez Pascual (in Spanish) and a full bibliography in Alt+64 (also in Spanish).

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  1. Boa tarde,

    Estará interessado em trocar por um número da edição portuguesa desta colecção?


    Álvaro Holstein



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