Jimmie Allen "Richfield Hi-Octane" Flying Cadet Wings (1930's)

The Air Adventures of Jimmie Allen was a U.S radio series broadcast from 1933 until 1947. It featured the adventures of the teenage pilot Jimmie Allen, who solves mysteries and travels around the world with his friend and mentor Speed Robertson and their mechanic Flash Lewis. The show was sponsored by the oil company Skelly Oil and broadcast throughout the Midwest across ten stations, and by Richfield on the West Coast. To promote the series the Jimmie Allen Flying Club was created, and children could join by signing up at any Skelly gas station.

The club had more than 600,000 members, who received a wide range of free gifts and prizes. They were also sent a weekly club newspaper, and air races were held in towns where the show was received with a 16 year-old actor playing Jimmie at personal appearances.

Flight was a fascination for many kids in the 1930's as it hadn't been around for all that long and quite a few kids didn't often see an airplane. Membership in the flying club of Jimmie Allen was a popular thing and I would guess these wings were worn with pride by a lot of little kids in the 30's.


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