Air Wonder Stories (September, 1929)

Hugo Gernsback in 1962 for
LIFE Magazine.
Air Wonder Stories was created after Hugo Gernsback lost ownership of his pioneering magazine Amazing Stories in 1926. In June 1927 Gernsback launched Science Wonder Stories and the following month Air Wonder Stories. As can be deducted from the not-too-subtle title, Air Wonder dealt primarily with airships and had very little in the line of interplanetary exploits. Eleven issues later, due to the advancing Depression in the U.S., he had to combine it with its sister magazine, creating Wonder Stories.

 All the covers, and most of the interior black and white illustrations, for Air Wonder Stories were painted by Frank Paul. Inside this issue, the cover is described thus:
"On the Cover this month is illustrated the story "FLIGHT IN 1999" by "Bob" Olsen. Here we see graphically one of the lofty air stations several thousand feet up in the air, kept aloft by the mysterious Gravinul. The huge flyer, just approaching the platform, stops to take on passengers, who  have risen to the station from the city. The passengers themselves wear the future flying suits and are propelled by a Gravinul."

Vol. 1, No.3, with a beautiful cover by Frank Paul.

Further Reading: the Wikipedia entry.

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