European Panini / Merlin Trading Cards

Last evening I found a small box full of trading card packs. Most seem to be from 1994-1995 and are sealed. Some opened themselves due to very weak glue, which is nice because I could take a look at the cards... These are european trading cards, i.e. they're meant to be glued to an album, where US trading cards are traditionally of heavier card stock and are meant to stand alone, often with writing on the back.

"Aladdin", Panini, Italy, 1995 (top)
"Aladdin", Panini, Italy, 1993 (bottom)
"Blanche Neige et les Sept Nains" (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
Panini, Italy, 1995. French language edition.
"La Bella y la Bestia" (Beauty and the Beast)
Panini, Italy, 1990. Spanish language edition.
"Toy Story" (Panini, Italy, 1996)
"Toy Story" Caps (Panini., Italy, 1996)
"The Real Ghostbusters" (Panini, Italy, 1988)
English language pack.
"Street Fighter II" (Merlin, UK, 1994)
"Conan the Adventurer" (Panini, Italy, 1994)

"Power Rangers" (Merlin, UK, 1994)
"Power Rangers - The Movie" (Merlin, UK, 1995)
"Batman Forever" (Merlin, UK, 1995)

"Casper" (Panini, Italy, 1995)

"Congo" (Panini, Italy, 1995)

"E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial" (Panini, 2002)
Pack's glue is not strong, so it opened itself.

"The Mask" (Merlin, UK, 1994)

"Robocop - The Series" (Merlin, UK, 1995)

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