Cavaleiro Andante #1-15 (Portugal, 1952)

The "Cavaleiro Andante" was a Portuguese comic book, published between 1952 and 1962 and had 556 issues. The publisher was the Empresa Nacional de Publicidade and its director was Adolfo Simões Muller. Mainly geared towards European artists and stories, it published many stories by great artists like Fernando Bento, José Ruy, Eduardo Teixeira Coelho, José Garcês and Hergé.

I have the good fortune to own the first 69 issues (and some assorted later issues) with all the extras, as nearly all these issues had "separatas", or loose supplements that, when collected, would allow you to assemble something fun, and several loose announcements and contests. These are seldom seen, as they were the first to disappear when kids got their hands on them.

So please enjoy the first fifteen issues with all the supplements and extras. The scans seem to come out yellowish, but somehow I couldn't fix that.

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