Detective Magazine (Portugal, 1945-1946)



  1. April 24, 1945 - "Fui eu que a matei!" (I Killed Her!) by Stephan Gordon
  2. May 15, 1945 - "Raptaram uma rapariga!" (A Girl Was Kidnapped!) by Donald Hobart
  3. June 5, 1945 - "A mulher que jurou vingar-se (The Womand Who Swore Revenge) by Edmund Heath
  4. June 26, 1945 - "O caso do assassino que assobiava" (The Case of the Whistling Muderer)
The magazines were not strictly pulps, as they had news articles and stories, all related to crime. This was a supplement of another magazine called "Vida Mundial Ilustrada", a kind of Portuguese LIFE magazine. I know of 19 issues published.

I have duplicates of #1 & #2.

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