The Shadow "Crime Fighter Detection Belt" (Madison, 1976)

The Shadow's "Crime Fighter Detection Belt", created by Madson Industries in 1976, is considered one of the rarest Shadow toys of the post-pulp era. It was offered as a tie-in to the launch of DC Comics' fantastic series by Kaluta.

Inside the box. The blur on the flashlight is not in the piece. I seem to have appeared in the reflection! :)

The website "Topless Robot" places it at the top of their list of "5 Worst Utility Belt Toys":
"The Shadow crime-fighting set falls in the worst list entirely due to its timing, for this wasn't released in his radio and pulp magazine heyday of the 1940s but in 1976, a year or so after DC comics failed to resurrect the character with a (pretty amazing) comic title. With almost zero media backing for over a generation, the question isn't so much "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men" as it is "Who the @#$% is the Shadow"? Fortunately, two decades later, the Alec Baldwin movie would open and engulf the world in "Shadow-mania"."
Actually, the set is very well produced and the belt is great. The flashlight has a list of Morse codes altough the whistle is rather redundant -- I imagine that when faced with a criminal, you'd whistle for The Shadow to come and take care of things...

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